Stamps are ultra versatile, and that’s why we love them. They’re not just for marking ‘PAID’ on old bills or adding your address to the back of an envelope – they have many more exciting and attractive uses.

Take rubber stamps, for example. Available in hundreds of designs, you can use them to make your own greetings cards, decorate wrapping paper, print on fabric, create wall art… the list goes on.

Today we’re feeling particularly inspired by animal stamps because they’re fun, quirky and utterly charming. Here are a few of our favourite animal stamp DIY projects.

Safari Party Invitations

Treat your little explorer to a safari themed birthday party! A trip to the zoo is perfect for a summer birthday and it will save your home from the mess created by a horde of excitable monkeys.

Keep things cheap and cheerful with handmade invitations; all you need is cardstock, animal stamps, colourful ink and a quiet evening to get crafting. When the big day is done and dusted you can use the same stamps to create special thank you notes too.

Safari party

Image Via Pinterest

Stamped Picnic Blanket

Can you tell we’ve got summer on the mind? The recent warm weather had us packing up the hamper and heading to the park for a long, lazy picnic in the sun. We only wish we had seen this little DIY beforehand, because a beautiful hand-stamped picnic blanket would have truly made our day.

This tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect uses potato stamps, but you can use the same method with traditional rubber stamps. We love the idea of a whimsical yet stylish cat print picnic blanket.

Picnic Blanket

ABC Wall Art

Keep the kids occupied with this easy rainy-day craft. Let them create a fun ABC chart for their bedroom wall with animal stamps and ink. This project is as educational as it is fun!

To create your own animal ABC you will need:

– Large A3 paper or card
– Animal stamps
– Colourful ink
– Pens
– Picture frame

Step 1: Stamp out the animals in alphabetical order. If you can’t find a stamp for a particular animal, draw them instead.

Step 2: Write out the name of each animal underneath the stamp or drawing.

Step 3: Frame, hang and enjoy!

Animal ABC

Image via Pinterest

Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper

Add a finishing touch to your gifts with hand-stamped wrapping paper. It’s an easy way to personalise gifts and make them really special. Stamp a design you know the recipient will love, like love hearts for your sister or a bird print for the ornithologist in your life.

To print your own wrapping paper, you will need brown parcel paper, a stamp of choice and ink. Simply cut the amount of paper you need, stamp and leave to dry before tying it all up with a bow. For ultimate effect, hand-stamp the gift tag too!

You can get a unique design of your choice printed by Speedy Stamps, so just head over to our create your stamp page to get started.


Image via Pinterest