Walking around town in the summer is a real treat; the trees are green and the flowers have blossomed, adding colour and life to all that grey concrete. We’ve been feeling oh-so inspired by nature at the moment, so we decided to get out our favourite flower stamps and start crafting! Here are a few of our favourite projects:

DIY Plant Markers

Get those green-fingers at the ready because it’s time to get growing in the garden! Keeping track of where you’ve planted things isn’t easy when everything is covered with soil, so make life a little easier with these sweet and stylish flag markers. The tutorial over at DesignSponge.com uses patterned fabric, but we’re going to get creative with stamps to create our own floral-themed designs.

You will need:

-Cotton fabric
Flower stamps and ink
-Rubber latex (to waterproof the fabric)
-Small dowel rods (or BBQ skewers)
-Craft glue
-Waterproof pen

Follow the step by step tutorial here, but cut the flag shapes and stamp your design onto the fabric before waterproofing it with latex (step 1).

Floral flags

[Image via: Pinterest]

Origami Plant Pots

We just couldn’t resist another garden themed craft, especially when it’s as cool as this one! These seed starter plant pots are made using newspaper (or craft paper) – and that’s it! All you need is a few nifty folding techniques to create a cheap and cheerful seedling pot. The best part is you can plant the whole thing (paper and all) when the seedlings are ready to go in the ground. Faff-free gardening gets our approval!

Turn this simple project into an afternoon craft party with the kids, you can make the pots and they can decorate using flower stamps and non-toxic paints.

seedling pot

[Image via: Pinterest]

Scrapbooking for Grownups

You might remember scrapbooking from your childhood or teenage years; tearing pictures from magazines, collecting ticket stubs and drawing hearts around your friends on photographs. It was a fun way to document special events and… well, it still is!

Scrapbooking is a great way to capture milestone events like weddings and big birthdays, or to journal everyday life. It’s one of those relaxing crafts that you can spend half an hour doing at the end of the day and when it’s finished you’ve got something lovely to keep forever.

If you don’t know where to start, pro-scrapbooker Elsie at A Beautiful Mess wrote a great introduction to scrapbooking. Just pick up a few supplies; a book, pens, stamps, stickers, patterned paper etc, and have fun!


[Image via: Pinterest]