Choosing the right company to produce your Rubber Stamps can be a difficult task, most companies sell similar Rubber Stamps, Self-inking Stamps and Pre-inked stamp products, however what is important is the way the rubber stamp dies are made to ensure a high quality stamping impression. Speedy Stamps use the latest laser engraving technology to ensure high quality stamping impression are produced every time our stamps are used, both Rubber Stamps and Self-Inking Stamp products are engraved using a tried and tested process where the rubber is engraved slightly deeper than normal to ensure an excellent finished impression, all our rubber is cut to be really neat and tidy around the rubber text plate giving the rubber die a professional look with a quality finish every time on all custom made rubber dies produced. It is also important the type of rubber used to produce your custom dies is top quality. Most rubber stamp companies use polymer produced dies, although this method is suitable in some cases the polymer rubber does not last as long as natural rubber and will eventually ware, breakdown and fall off the stamp mounts especially if a solvent based ink is being used. All Speedy Stamps text plates are engraved on solvent resistant rubber which is suitable for use with all types of inks available on the market today.

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