Changeable dater stamp is a necessity for any office or bank environment, dater stamp machines are available in both Rubber and Self-inking. It makes your working day more productive when you need to use repetitive dates if carrying out accounting and book keeping duties. If you need to date items when received such as post, cheques, stock etc then these stamps are ideal for that purpose. You can also use a date stamp instead of writing the date on documents such as updating records of date ordered, date paid, date reconciled, the list goes on. Changeable Rubber Date Stamps are built to last giving you up to ten years of changeable dates and thousands of impressions before replacement your ink pad. Replacement pads are available from the Speedy Stamps website, so when the impression starts to fade, simply purchase a replacement ink pad in the colour of your choice and of you go again. The different colours to choose from make this stamp versatile for several environments. You can use this stamp in a professional environment for jobs such as stamping cheque books or other official documents in the office. Alternatively purchase this stamp in a range of fun colours to make monthly gigs and concert ticket dates stand out, or to brighten up charity event information. It is also possible to add your own custom text to date stamps giving you the option to create a personalised design for your event or company.

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