The ‘green’ movement and ‘Fairtrade’ eco-friendly products are to be seen on the shelves in every shop and online retailer from food to clothing and even white goods. So if you support saving and protecting the planet by purchasing environmentally friendly products and brands, why not extend this into your stationery supplies with eco-friendly stamps from the number one online retailer of rubber stamps – Speedy Stamps.

Speedy Stamps are proud to be able to support saving the environment with two models of eco-friendly stamps which are manufactured only from recycled products – Colop Metal Eco Stamps and Colop Self-Inking.  As you can imagine due to their eco-friendly properties, these stamps are one of Speedy Stamps bestselling lines and you would be well advised to place your order today to secure your chosen eco-friendly stamp as stocks run out quickly.

Speedy Stamps eco-friendly stamps are very affordably priced starting at only £16.20 which includes a customised design of your logo or image the cost of your Speedy Stamps custom made design.  They are available in a range of ink colours or blank pads for mixing your own colour and you can even buy them in UV ink!

When you order from Speedy Stamps before 12 noon your goods will be dispatched on the very same day and best of all postage is FREE!

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