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Motivational Stamps

Posted by admin   -   28/02/12   -   0 comments

Motivation is a key to great learning, especially for children. Praising a child is a positive way of rewarding good behaviour or learning. The more you can show a child that their good behaviour results in rewards the more likely they are to keep repeating that behaviour. At Speedy Stamps we recognise this and sometimes […]

Self Inking Hand Stamps

Posted by admin   -   27/02/12   -   0 comments

Self inking hand stamps are becoming more and more popular in cafes, Bars, clubs and other types of establishments or events.  Speedy stamps can supply you with a great range of self inking hand stamps and at the right price, from a UV self inking hand stamp to a nightclub logo stamp or a hand […]

Royal Mail Printed Postage Impressions

Posted by admin   -   24/02/12   -   0 comments

Royal Mail PPI self inking rubber stamps are the easiest way to send larger quantities of mail, Printed Post Impressions offers a simple and alternative to postage stamps. PPI’s can save you time and money! All letters or packages delivered by royal mail need to have an indication that the postage has been paid. Individual […]

Security ID Protection Stamp:Protecting Your Identity

Posted by admin   -   23/02/12   -   0 comments

As fraud is becoming an ever growing problem in today’s society people are looking for helpful and efficient ways to protect important and personal details. One impressive way to solve this problem and ensure that this surprisingly common crime doesn’t happen to you is the Security ID protection Stamp. The stamps are designed to absolutely […]

Pen Stamps the Compact and Practical Gadget

Posted by admin   -   16/02/12   -   1 comment

A stamp… In a pen…Yes! You heard right! A pen stamp is a high quality ball point pen that can accommodate 2-3 lines of personalised text, which can be chosen at the time of purchase. These stamps can be ideal for those people who like to sign every document with a customised signature. This high […]

Custom Self-Inking Eco-Stamps get the Green Light

Posted by admin   -   15/02/12   -   0 comments

So you might find yourself asking what the difference is between normal stamps and Eco-friendly stamps. And do Eco-friendly stamps really make a difference? Eco-friendly products are products that don’t harm the environment during usage or during the disposal process. Eco-friendly or ‘green products’ help conserve energy, minimise our carbon footprint or the emission of […]

Keeping a Track on your Patrons with Hand Stamps

Posted by admin   -   14/02/12   -   3 comments

If your business is events or based and you are having difficulty “keeping tabs” on your paying guests then hand stamps could offer you the ideal solution. It can be difficult, especially with large scale events where guests are free to leave and return at their leisure, to know who has already presented their admission […]

Stamps in Schools – Rewarding and Motivational!

Posted by admin   -   13/02/12   -   0 comments

With a child of primary school age I find my evenings now taken up with homework. Lots of it! And as much as I try to encourage my child to do her homework herself she still manages to get me involved somehow. Hands up all those mums and dads who have found themselves elbow deep […]


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