Eco Friendly rubber stamps from Speedy Stamps are kind to the planet: they don’t harm the environment during usage or disposal, and you know that you are helping to conserve energy, minimise carbon footprint, and overall, not pollute the environment – and you thought it was just a rubber stamp!

Speedy Stamps offers a number of eco friendly options in its product range. Colop Self-Inking Eco-Stamps are manufactured from recycled materials, and are the most popular self inking stamps on the market. They produce thousands of impressions before a replacement ink pad is required, which will not only save you money, but you’ll know that you are helping the environment, each time you use your stamp.

Colop Metal Eco Stamps are also produced from recycled products, and prove to be robust machines, capable of high impact and heavy duty use. The metal date pads also come with 10 year changeable date bands.

Prices start from £16.20 (RRP £20.25). Order your stamp before 12pm and it will be dispatched on the very same day. You don’t even have to pay for postage! For more in formation speak to a member of the Speedy Stamps friendly customer service team on 01709 700520.

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