Taking care of the environment can stretch to almost every corner of the product world, and Speedy Stamps offers a range of eco-friendly stamps which are kinder to the planet too.

Speedy Stamps offers two types of eco-friendly stamps: Colop Self-Inking Eco-Stamps, and Colop Metal Eco Stamps. Both are manufactured from recycled products and are proven to be the most popular selling self-inking stamps on today’s market. They produce 1000s of stamping impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Not only that, these stamps are robust machines, capable of high impact and heavy duty use. The metal date pads also come with 10 year changeable date bands.

Prices start from £16.20 (RRP £20.25), which includes the cost of your Speedy Stamps custom made design, and are available in a range of ink colours – red, blue, black, violet, and even ‘blank’ pads which you can mix your own colour onto. You can even get UV ink!

Speedy Stamps’s range covers formal educational stamps, such as for rewarding good work from a student with a ‘Great Improvement’ stamp, and fun Merry Christmas templates which you can personalise yourself.

Speedy Stamps also provides excellent customer service, and any stamps that are ordered before 12 noon will be dispatched on the very same day. You don’t even have to pay for postage!

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