Hand Held Plier presses are used every day in various types of industries. Speedy Stamps supply a full range of Hand held Plier presses which are personally engraving with your customer design. Text and logo’s are very effective on these type of embossing products. It is imperative when selecting your embossing plier press that you know the paperweight you will be embossing as the weight of the paper determines the type of press required. Hand Held Plier presses are recommended to emboss up to 100gsm paperweight. If you need to emboss heavier papers but want to keep within the plier seal price range, you could reduce the size of your impression (smaller impressions emboss heavier papers) We also supply embossing wafer stickers which when embossed and stuck to your paper give the exact look of wax seals being used. The final impression is very professional and keep the cost down instead of upgrading to a heavy duty desktop company seal. Cost depends on the amount of engraving required.

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