The great thing about these stamps is that you can print a message, and it’s entirely up to you how long you want the impression to be! All you need to do is carry on rolling until you get the required effect. This stamp is basically a Pre-inking stamp on a roll, cutting out the fuss and the mess. These pens are made in a handy size, which makes it easy to carry them around in your pocket or bag. These stamps are complete with a lad that safely and securely fits to the cover roll. All you have to do is simply choose the word that you want on your stamp. These pens are great for marking documents, packages and envelopes etc, which makes them ideal to use in the office, warehouse or packing depots. Pens are available in red ink. Remember, order before 12 noon and we will dispatch your order on the same working day postage free!

Colop Roller Stamps