Speedy stamps can now introduce a range of venue entry management products that provide a safe and non transferable means of easily identifying paying customers and event attendees.

For uses at:


Night Clubs & Pubs

Gigs & Concerts

Raves & Discos


Sporting Events

ExhibitionsSchool Fairs

Charity Functions

Under an ordinary light, these long-lasting inks are invisible to the naked eye, but when hit with a UV Black light, they will fluoresce brightly and can last up to 2 days.

This UV Ink Stamp completely self-contained, so a stamp and pad is not required. It’s built in ink-pump provides thousands of impressions and ensures that there is no delays or loss of ink through evaporation as well as being:

Non-Toxic and safe for use on skin

Concentrated and Economical

Quick Drying

Non transferable

Hand Wash Resistant

You can simply remove the UV  Ink with a few thorough washes!

UV Inks