There are so many different kinds of inks to choose from when it comes down to rubber stamping. Ink pads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The great thing about these types of inks is that they are:

-Fast drying

-Fast drying means that there is less chance of smudging

-They work rather well with white and light coloured papers

-Typically sold with a felt pad

Either plastic or metal ink pads are available depending on the size of your design. There is a selection of colours that are available black, blue, red, green, violet ink or a dry pad for specialised inks. And because speedy stamps like to make your life as easy as possible – if you do order any custom stamps and a separate ink pad is required, we will remind you to purchase the relevant product at the checkout stage. And if you order before 12 noon – we will dispatch your stamp on the same working day postage free!