Teaching a child the time is a watermark in his or her life, using two numbering systems (1 through to 12 and 1 through to 60) can be difficult to conceptualize at a very young age. Parents and teachers understand more than anyone that it can be a difficult task getting a child to engage when learning and this is where speedy stamps can help you.

Self Inking Stamps can be great for use at home and in the classroom because they are perfect for those students and children who tend to benefit more by visually learning. The “show me and I’ll understand” method can be a great way of making children really understand time telling. There is a choice of two designs which are the Classic Imperial Numbers or Roman Numeral Clock Face Stamps which are available in black ink. You can buy a set of both which will save you money. These rubber stamps will provide thousands of impressions before a replacement ink-pad is required.

School Self-Inking Clock Stamps