Inks can be every versatile if you know about the properties and how to use them. They are very often used with ink pads and inkpads can be used for business or personal purposes. Businesses can use ink pads for stamping important documents, and someone who likes to play around with paper crafts will use them to decorate their craft projects.

Inkpads come in the majority of colours, but the basic black pad is probably the most popular. To achieve the best results it might be an idea to experiment with different types of ink before you begin stamping any projects that involves using inks.

Water- based dye inks are the most popular type of inks that you’ll find in an office. This ink is designed for using on paper and it comes in a variety of sizes. Water based ink dries more quickly than others, and most of these inks are acid free. But bare in mind that this type of ink tends to run when it comes into contact with water.

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