Colop has introduced something truly spectacular and ground breaking. This new stamp is made from liquid wood and it is an innovative and pioneering material. Liquid Wood is a bio-plastic which is made from lignin; plants consist of up to 30% lignin. This is what is largely responsible for their rigidity and is one of the most common organic compounds that can be found on this planet and millions of tons of lignin are produced every year.

Thanks to the latest technology ‘liquid wood’ means that stamps can now be used without leaving an impact on the environment.

Liquid wood is actually a by product of the paper-industry and is used to create the housing for these stamps. These new devices can offer the same lasting impressions that a normal rubber stamp would provide but they are bio degradable, this means they can be broken down and not left laying around in landfills for centuries to come.

The new Printer Special Edition Liquid Wood Self Inking Stamp originates from sustainable and certified forestry (PEFC- certified) The great thing about this liquid wood is that it is 100% biodegradable. Because the certified forestry used in CO2- neutral, liquid wood had an incredibly small CO2 footprint. The stamp itself is offered in its natural wood-like colour.

Liquid Wood Stamps