Here at Speedy Stamps we understand that due to these difficult economic times businesses need to reduce their expenditure wherever they can. If you’re interested in using stamps to decrease your workload there is no need to go ordering lots of different types of personalised stamps that could cost you a fortune when speedy stamps can offer you a DIY Stamp that can do all of these jobs! For example if you wish to use imprint a sequence of telephone numbers but wish to use a different extension number, you can simply purchase ONE stamp and use interchangeable plates that will replace the last 4 digits. They are perfect for a whole range of jobs including printing addresses, phone numbers, references and invoice/order numbers etc. All of these DIY stamps come with a complete set of full alphabetical set of characters, numbers and symbols.

The Trodat DIY Stamp is the only stamp the is available in pink, and is perfect for hen night invitations, hair and beauty salon leaflets, or just if you need to hand your business phone number out on a regular basis.

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Speedy Stamps DIY Stamp