With a child of primary school age I find my evenings now taken up with homework. Lots of it! And as much as I try to encourage my child to do her homework herself she still manages to get me involved somehow. Hands up all those mums and dads who have found themselves elbow deep in glue, glitter, toilet roll tubes etc crafting a spacecraft / puppet etc for the latest school project! Yes, I bet there are lots of you…

In truth I actually enjoy the homework and my guilty admission is I get quite competitive about it. I find myself scanning the classroom walls for my “creations” and I often flick through her homework diary to see the comments from the teacher. And then something new caught my eye… a bright, bold smiley face stamped proudly next to the comments “Well Done”. My daughter was beyond excited with this and it made me realise that the humble rubber stamp really can deliver a powerful message.

Stamps in Schools – Rewarding and Motivational!

I am delighted that the school has chosen to invest in a stamp collection to reward the children for their good work. There are all sorts of stamps that can be awarded to the youngsters, including stamps saying “Good Work”, “Great Spelling” and “Neat Writing” and each are accompanied by a cute little logo.

Visually a stamp can have much more impact on the child than a simple tick. My daughter is now motivated to get more smiley faces in her diary to chart her achievements and (secretly) so am I.

Stamps in Schools – Rewarding and Motivational!

Speedy Stamps offer a fantastic collection of educational stamps, all of which are very affordable. If your school is not yet using them to reward great work then you should ask them to consider it. And then you can await your first “Well Done” stamp!