A stamp… In a pen…Yes! You heard right!

A pen stamp is a high quality ball point pen that can accommodate 2-3 lines of personalised text, which can be chosen at the time of purchase. These stamps can be ideal for those people who like to sign every document with a customised signature. This high quality pen has a small opening at the top where the ink pad unfolds out. It gives that extra stylish touch when signing important documents, and because they’re self inking, you won’t have to worry about carrying an ink pad around. There are 3 simple steps to using a pen stamp:

1) Push down the cap

2) Stamp!

3) Push the cap back up

Could this gadget be any simpler to use? It can be a perfect gift idea for your boss, colleague or perhaps just a gadget lover who likes to write.


At Speedy Stamps you can customise your pen online, and the step by step guide is extremely helpful, you can choose from a number of fonts, border styles and ink colours.

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