Motivation is a key to great learning, especially for children. Praising a child is a positive way of rewarding good behaviour or learning. The more you can show a child that their good behaviour results in rewards the more likely they are to keep repeating that behaviour. At Speedy Stamps we recognise this and sometimes along with words, something that can be seen by peers and parent is likely to reinforce good behaviour, as well as increasing the child self-esteem as well. Speedy stamps offer a range of school and educational stamps to help along the way. Stamps can be customised to add that extra personal touch.

Rubber stamps can be a good way of encouraging children, a smiley face on written work or math homework is a quick way of saying not only “This is right” but also “I am pleased with you” Also using rubber stamps with the school’s name, address and phone number is a great way of helping them get back to the right place if they get lost. Take a look at the selection of rubber stamps and you’ll be amazed by the variety that is available, and if you have a specific requirement, feel free to contact Speedy Stamps to discuss your needs.

Motivational Stamps