If your business is events or based and you are having difficulty “keeping tabs” on your paying guests then hand stamps could offer you the ideal solution. It can be difficult, especially with large scale events where guests are free to leave and return at their leisure, to know who has already presented their admission ticket or paid for their entry. And let’s face it… paper tickets are expensive to print and easy to lose, especially when many guests choose to throw them away as soon as they pass through the door!

Hand stamping is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways of identifying paid guests. You stamp their hand (or other part of the body) upon admission giving you a visible sign that they are entitled (or not) to be in a specific area at a specific point in time.

hand stamps

As the use of hand stamps grows so too does the public’s acceptance to use them.  From nightclubs to sporting events people now readily accept a hand stamp upon arrival. You need to get it right though… use inks that are suitable for contact with the skin and never use a permanent ink or you may find complaints landing on your door.

An alternative to traditional ink is delivered through UV technology. UV stamp kits with specialist UV ink are available and to the naked eye the impression left by the stamp is invisible; it is only when held under a UV light that you are able to see the design on the skin. UV stamp kits are really popular with nightclubs, because they are easy to see in the dark with the help of a UV hand torch or UV torch keychain.

UV hand stamps

So if you need to keep track of your patrons with an easy identifier at the fraction of the price of a printed ticket why not consider using hand stamps?