So you might find yourself asking what the difference is between normal stamps and Eco-friendly stamps. And do Eco-friendly stamps really make a difference?

Eco-friendly products are products that don’t harm the environment during usage or during the disposal process. Eco-friendly or ‘green products’ help conserve energy, minimise our carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases, which don’t lead to a large amount of toxicity and that don’t pollute the environment.

Self-Inking Stamps are manufactured from recycled materials, and are the most popular self inking stamps on the market as they can produce thousands of impressions before a replacement ink pad is required. This in hindsight will save you money, and the great thing about them is that you know you’re helping the environment in each use!

Colop metal Eco-friendly stamps are more suited for heavy duty use, as they are more of a sturdy construction. Giving your stamp a smooth action of the sliding parts, and also gives the stamp more of an attractive and quirky appearance

So if you’re interested in the eco-friendly stamps, click the image or follow the link below.

The Colop Self-Inking Eco stamps come in 3 different sizes 38 x 14mm, 49 x 18mm, 60 x 24 mm and of course you can design your own stamp, and speedy stamps have added a step-by-step video tutorial on each of the stamp styles that are available.

The Colop Metal Eco stamps come in a choice of two sizes which are 48 x 32mm and 60 x 40 mm, there are also video tutorials on designing your own custom stamp in each style that is available.

Custom Self Inking Eco Stamps