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Buy UV Self Inking Rubber Stamps Online

Posted by speedystamps   -   31/12/12   -   0 comments

Speedy Stamps’ range of UV self inking rubber stamps are a great way to manage entry to your patrons to your event, be it a theatre, pub, gig, concert, rave, disco conference or charity function. Understated and classy, the UV ink leaves a discreet mark, only identified under UV light, so it leaves no unsightly ink on […]

Nightclub Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   30/12/12   -   0 comments

If you have found us because you’re searching online for nightclub rubber stamps then we’re pleased to say that you’ve come to the right place. We are your online leading resource for everything stamp related and we make sure that we’ll have everything you require. We’ve built our online store with our customers at the […]

Rubber Stamps – Order Now

Posted by speedystamps   -   17/12/12   -   2 comments

Rubber stamps have a number of good usages: hand stamps for marking your patrons at the nightclub door, Royal Mail stamps for quick and easy postage, loyalty card stamps for whenever your customer buys a coffee, and even stamping a Merry Christmas message with the names of your family. Speedy Stamps offers a number of […]

Trodat Pocket Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   15/12/12   -   0 comments

Speedy Stamps brings you Trodat pocket stamps – tiny gadgets that are the latest and most efficient way of mobile stamping. Trodant self-inking pocket stamps are small and compact, ideal for those people who are always on the move: doctors, solicitors and teachers and anyone else who is ‘on the go’. With Speedy Stamps, you […]

Nightclub Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   06/12/12   -   1 comment

Provide quick and classy venue entry management with Speedy Stamps’ range of UV ink stamps, perfect for night clubs and other venues including theatres, pubs, gigs and concerts, raves and discos, conferences, sporting events, exhibitions, school fairs and charity functions. Speedy Stamps’ UV stamps provide an understated, non-transferable way of knowing which of your patrons […]

Eco Friendly Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   04/12/12   -   1 comment

Eco Friendly rubber stamps from Speedy Stamps are kind to the planet: they don’t harm the environment during usage or disposal, and you know that you are helping to conserve energy, minimise carbon footprint, and overall, not pollute the environment – and you thought it was just a rubber stamp! Speedy Stamps offers a number […]

Christmas Theme Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   24/11/12   -   2 comments

With Christmas fast approaching, advent calendars in shops and preparations in swing, add a quick personal touch to any card or gift with your very own Christmas-style rubber stamp with your name on, ordered online from Speedy Stamps lets you design your own rubber stamp, but if you need a festive image provided for you, Speedy […]

DIY Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   17/11/12   -   1 comment

Rubber stamps come in all sorts of different ready-made shapes and sizes, but with Speedy Stamps, you can create your very own personalised stamp, and order it easily through their website at To make creating a stamp even easier, Speedy Stamps has added comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials for each one of its stamp styles. Click on one […]

Eco-friendly Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   05/11/12   -   3 comments

Taking care of the environment can stretch to almost every corner of the product world, and Speedy Stamps offers a range of eco-friendly stamps which are kinder to the planet too. Speedy Stamps offers two types of eco-friendly stamps: Colop Self-Inking Eco-Stamps, and Colop Metal Eco Stamps. Both are manufactured from recycled products and are […]


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