Liquid Wood Stamps, The Future

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But no, you reading it correctly its liquid wood, the latest and greatest “Eco Stamps” are not made from recycled plastics but from the by-product of the paper industry known as Lignin.

Plastics have litterally 101 different uses, as I write this I use my plastic keyboard, with my plastic mouse and look at my computer screen surrounded with a plastic cover, whilst sat on my office chair made of plastic, whilst writing about a fantastic website that sell stamps made of recycled… you guessed it, plastic.

With such a demand on plastic you would think the future is bright given there potential but the harsh truth is that plastics are non-biodegradable, furthermore Plastics come from petroleum and fossil fuels, and with the dependence upon these limited resources ever increasing scientists have been looking for a more ecofriendly solution and here it is, many believe this new invention of liquid wood could soon replace the chemical plastics in terms of everyday usefulness and renewability.

Lignin is the key compound and is obtain as a side product of the paper industry and is obtained by separating wood into cellulose and lignin. Whilst the cellulose fibres are processed into paper, the natural by-product, lignin, is mixed with other natural materials, such as hemp or flex and various natural waxes to then be heated and injection moulded that once sets exhibits similar properties to impact-resistant plastics, the same as the very same plastics used in the stamps you probably have sat on your desk right now. Furthermore the wood used in Liquid Wood stamps originates exclusively from sustainable, certified forestry (PEFC Certified) and as all plants contain around 30% Lignin you can imagine the previously largely unused supplies of this product are available to use now.

Looking at these liquid wood stamps from an average guys point of view i must say im impressed, I have one of these thing sat in front of me right now and it looks and feels like normal a normal stamp. The liquid wood stamp is strong, reliable and a cost effective way of helping the environment a little more as its completely 100% biodegradable.

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Currently there are three stamp sizes available which are the Printer 20 (38x14mm), Printer 30 (47x18mm) and Printer 40 (59x23mm).

Liquid Wood Stamps, The FutureLiquid Wood Stamps, The FutureLiquid Wood Stamps, The Future