Egg InkCheese InkMeat Ink

What came first the egg, the cheese or the meat?

I couldn’t believe my own eyes too when I found out about these new inks, but you think about it seriously you see stamps on eggs all the time, you see huge wheels of cheese with dates stamped on them and you see massive shoulders of beef in a butchers with information stamped on them too.

Where do I purchase this rare ink I hear you ask? Well look no further than Speedy Stamps. Now please understands that this ink might not necessarily be on the front page of the website, or the website at all for that matter, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have it, if you interested give us a quick call.Please note that all these inks conform to EU-regulations regarding food inks and the inks are all water based too so no need to worry.

Interested in some of these inks?