UV Stamp kitsUV Stamp kitsUV Stamp kits

The recent increase in demand for UV stamps has seen the demand for such supplies grow massively. Whilst the recent indoor smoking ban has led to many pubs, clubs and events having to stage an outdoor smoking area. With the obvious health benefits this change for the better is not necessarily an easy one for staff of the various establishments effected to deal with. One such answer has been the use of UV hand stamps, whilst UV stamps have their obvious benefits in easily helping to identify patrons that are entitled entry to the club from those who aren’t, on the other hand these UV stamps require rather more specialist inks and torches to see the UV stamp.

From this day forth all the bits and bobs you need for the perfect UV stamp experience (exciting isn’t it?) is available in one easy kit including the stamp which is fully customized of course (would you expect any less from us?) also including the UV ink in a handy little 25ml bottle giving enough ink for thousands of hand stamps or whatever its needed for, and finally and probably most importantly you get the snazzy little UV keychain torch.

With prices starting from £34.40 for a complete customised UV stamp, ink and torch you will be marking your customers, property and equipment in no time at all.

UV Stamps kits: https://www.speedystamps.co.uk/category/uv-ink-stamps/