In these sterile modern times, many people are somewhat obsessed with ensuring everything they touch is clean and with the recent emergence of nasty bugs and bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli, who can blame them? Many of these strains of bacteria have been shown to live on everyday household objects for up to 48 hours. In real world terms this means anyone in the office, doctors or your work environment who has had a nasty bug will potentially contaminate every stapler, calculator or stamp that they touch. Whilst this may sound frightening the risks involved are relatively low but still a threat nonetheless.

Research conducted by the University of Arizona for Microban Europe into bacteria in the office environment showed that high concentrations of bacteria are common in office environments including phones, keyboard and computer mouse surfaces. In a recent development with Microban, Colop are launching a new range of Antibacterial stamps, these stamps are Self-inking Antibacterial Self-inking Stamps and do what they say on the tin.

With the inbuilt patented coating they provide continuous protection against nasty and potentially harmful bacteria’s like MRSA, Listeria species, E. coli and even Salmonella. They are ideal for use in Hospitals, Schools, Doctors surgeries, Offices and all other environments where multi handling of these stamps takes place. Furthermore Microban 3rd Generation Silver technology is built into the handle, cap and index window of the new COLOP stamps during manufacture so cannot wear off or wash away, killing 99.9% of all bacterial growth.

These stamps are available in many sizes and producing 1000s of impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Our prices include the cost of your custom made design, are available in a selection of ink colours – Black, Blue, Red, Green & Violet. Remember, order before 12 noon – we will dispatch the same working day postage free!