Many businesses offer a loyalty scheme, you probably have two or three of those little loyalty cards in your purse or wallet with a few stamps on it if you’re lucky. Although these loyalty cards are being seen more and more have you ever actually wondered where the stamps for these cards come from? Well most come from right here at Speedy Stamps, to visit our loyalty stamps page please click on the following link Loyalty Card Stamps.

With our range of stamps you can create your own unique design in a choice of colours, ensuring your business stands out above the rest and rewards your frequent customers. Furthermore due to our high manufacturing quality and your unique custom made design, it helps to stop your design from being replicated or forged. These self-inking stamps are quick and simple to use negating the need for a separate ink pad and thousands of clear impressions can be achieved before replacement ink pads would be required.

Although it’s not our style to go dropping names, a few of the bigger restaurant chains have been using these loyalty stamps with us for years and we hope to give you and your business the same expert advice we gave them, free of charge of course. Should you need any advice on designing your loyalty stamp please feel free to email us at or to call us on 01709 700 520 for a free, no obligation quote.