Hand stamps are becoming more and more ubiquitous in nature, everywhere you go you seem to see them. Whether it for use at events, promotions in bars or clubs or even use in schools, these nifty little stamps all must come from somewhere and that place is here at Speedy Stamps. These small, compact and easy-to-use Self-Inking Stamps are quick and simple way to identify your paying customers and event attendees. Furthermore with the recent emergence of more and more smoking areas outside of bars and clubs there is now a massive need for a way of letting paying patrons in and out of clubs and bars. When the cost of printing tickets is considered the one-off fee of around £20 for a hand stamp is considered it is clear why these new little machines have taken the club scene by storm.

The ink supplied is water based to ensure it is skin friendly and can be removed with soap and water. It is therefore safe and suitable for use even on children. Thousands of clear impressions can be achieved before replacements ink pads would be required. Should you wish to order and design your own self-inking hand stamp please visit our hand stamp web page by clicking on the folowing link Hand Stamps, here you will be able to select various sizes of self inking hands to suite your needs.