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Pre-Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   19/06/09   -   0 comments

Giving exceptional impression quality and utilizing the latest technology to ensure consistent ink delivery, pre-inking stamps are the most economical stamps available for high levels of day to day use. These stamps have been designed to match the sizes of the self inking stamps and whilst basically do the same job the pre-inking stamps are […]

Metal Self-Inking Stamp

Posted by admin   -   19/06/09   -   0 comments

  These heavy duty metal self-inking stamps are The Terminators of the stamp world, strong, hard and built to last! Based upon a strong aluminium frame with shock absorbers to reduce the impact stress, these machines will produce thousands of quality impressions before replacement ink pads are required.  These stamps would be used for more […]

New Colop Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   17/06/09   -   2 comments

Speedy Stamps is very proud announce its doing its bit for the environment by introducing a new range of Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Stamps. They are made of 100% reconstituted plastic material, which can be recycled over and over again. These Self-Inking Stamps are friendly to the environment and are quickly becoming one of the most popular […]

Self-Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   17/06/09   -   0 comments

This range is the lazy mans stamp, they do all the hard work for you, no need to ink or prepare, just put them on the paper and push. Self inking stamps are manufactured from light robust plastic that can give thousands of sharp clear impressions, we can manufacture a wide range of sizes and […]

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Posted by admin   -   17/06/09   -   4 comments

The original ink pad dates back hundreds of years and has been in use in business for a long time now. A separate ink pad is required to use this stamp and whilst they are not as quick as the self-inking variety they are still popular, possibly the most versatile of all stamps as there […]

Our Customers

Posted by admin   -   12/06/09   -   2 comments

  Here at Speedy Stamps we have thousands of loyal customers and every day we have new customers visiting our website helping us to grow and improve our service to our customers.   Below are just a few examples of what our customers use their stamps for: Loyalty cards – Coffee shops and Restaurants often […]

Project Genesius and how we help…

Posted by admin   -   12/06/09   -   4 comments

 Speedy Stamps is proud to support Project Genesius, which is part of Operation MAXIM, the Metropolitan Police’s initiative to prevent the manufacture of false identity documents.  Our products will only be supplied to bone-a-fide customers and if we are suspicious of any orders, information will be shared with Law Enforcement. Speedy Stamps has built up an […]

Company Biography

Posted by admin   -   12/06/09   -   2 comments

Based in South Yorkshire, Speedy Stamps was founded in 2002 and has since gone on to become one of the UK’s top custom stamp manufactures/suppliers. We currently receive thousands of visitors to our new site every week, and in doing so Speedy Stamps has built up a concrete reputation with our customers based on solid foundations […]

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