cat_19Giving exceptional impression quality and utilizing the latest technology to ensure consistent ink delivery, pre-inking stamps are the most economical stamps available for high levels of day to day use. These stamps have been designed to match the sizes of the self inking stamps and whilst basically do the same job the pre-inking stamps are built using laser flash technology to burn your design into a porous rubber-gel polymer on the impression plate.The ink is then injected into a reservoir of sponge like material above the impression plate, after every print you make a gentle pressure gradient in the porous rubber forces fresh ink to flow onto the surface of your design. cat_20

The Pre-Inked stamps for very quick prints to be had whilst still delivering clear sharp and crisp images and not sacrificing on quality. Once the ink has run dry in the pre-inking stamp, replacement bottles of ink can be ordered to fill up the reservoir once more. The flash technology which makes pre-inking stamps allows for great speed of manufacture allowing same day dispatch to be easily achievable.


Another type of Pre-Inking stamp is the Perma Stamp range, here the entire impression block is like one large sponge, soaking up ink and depositing it on the impression surfaced when stamped. This micro-porus stamps plate allows for upto 50,000 impressions and re-inking is a simple re-wetting process. These stamps have built up a strong following as many customers who have used them previously now ask for them by name when ordering in future!