Our Customers

Here at Speedy Stamps we have thousands of loyal customers and every day we have new customers visiting our website helping us to grow and improve our service to our customers.

Below are just a few examples of what our customers use their stamps for:

Loyalty cards – Coffee shops and Restaurants often purchase stamps with their logo on, to stamp onto a loyalty card to reward their customers.

Hand stamps – Going to Nightclubs & Events, it is now common to have your hand stamped as you enter the premises, this serves as a ticket if you need to pop out for a smoke etc., they have to get their stamps from somewhere don’t they?

Schools – Educational stamps are fun and encouraging for students to receive.      Many schools purchase large quantities of “well done” and “neat writing” stamps. If you receive the honourable gold star stamp you know you’ve excelled! This motivates children and students, our stock stamps are a very cheap tool for teachers to use.     We also offer a large range of coin and clock stamps to aid learning. Telling the time and count money has never been so much fun.

Doctors Surgery’s – The sheer number of patients going through a GP’s office everyday is staggering, so any time-saving device is vital, thus the reason Doctors have many different stamps for their prescriptions and admin forms.

Solicitors – The various legal forms and applications can be completed and verified lots faster by using a stamp. You do not have to keep write your name, address etc.,  hundred times, just have a stamp that holds this information and confirms verification then all you need do is sign the document. Furthermore the legal profession requires  everything to be accurate and of an incredibly high standard, documents must be a “Certified True Copy” and this is another stamp we frequently sell to free staff from having to write this time and time again.

Companies – Often when printing large quantities of booklets, leaflets or brochures tiny mistakes or omitions can turn into thousands of corrections. One stamp can do all these minor changes or add that vital telephone number or website address onto the advertising material saving countless man hours. Other stamps often purchased are  grid stamps, if you need to confirm items have been check, authorised, forwarded, numbered…. etc etc etc the list is endless. Having this information on a bespoke stamp made to your requirements saves so much time, all you need to do is initial or tick check the boxes and the process is complete. Speedy Stamps can help you with a grid stamp that will do all the repition work for you.

Manufacture Companies – A number of companies use heavy duty stamps for a range of tasks from printing heavy and specialist papers to printing on ceramics and glass or metals and plastics. Basically any product can be marked with its own individual number or reference. We can even provide a stamp to print onto eggs – hows that for ingenivity. Our heavy duty metal stamps are robust and strong, designed to be used in many variety of tasks printing onto almost anything!!! – Go on challenge us to deliver the goods.

The General Public – A stamp is not just for Christmas, they are used every day to print any number of things and some of the most challenging stamps are requested by members of the public. If printing elaborate birthday cards or personilisng your own wedding invitations, stamps can be used for all types of cards and crafts.

Finally how painful is it telling everyone you know that you have changed your phone number or address? One time saving idea is to simply have a stamp made with your new details on and send that to everyone. An extra bonus is that if your friends or relatives keep forgetting it you can stamp it on their head! They’ll soon remember your new details then!