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Stamp Recovery Service

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   18/09/09   -   0 comments

Here at speedy stamps we love to help, and using our experience and expertise we can help you to recover even the most worn and damaged old stamps. If you look at the above stamp we managed to recover 100% of the text and image, and it isnt even in english! Feel free to click […]

DIY Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   0 comments

With the current economic down turn, we recognise that companies are trying to reduce their expenditure. If you’re worried about ordering lots of different stamps for a similar job, why not order a Do-It-Yourself Stamp? Instead of buying 50 stamps each with a phone number on but with a different extension, simply purchase one DIY […]

Educational Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   3 comments

Educational stamps are a handy tool designed to make marking work easy. They work as a positive reinforcement to help encourage students to write neater and work harder to earn that illusive “Green Frog, Marvellous Effort” stamp. These stamps can be used by teachers and parents alike to motivate children, with 20 different styles of […]

Pocket stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   2 comments

Small pocket stamps are mobile and easy to use for little printing jobs, such as stamping your name and address on a cheque or Doctors stamping their details on a prescription. These stamps are portable and quick to use and whilst its bigger brothers like the full sized self-inking stamps will give more impressions, they […]

Pen Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   24/06/09   -   1 comment

Are you one of those people who sign every document at the end with a signature? Why not invest in a handy pen stamp. These high quality pens have a discrete opening at the top which allows the stamp to unfold ready for printing, and as they are self-inking there is no need to worry […]

Embossing presses

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   5 comments

Looking to add a touch of class to your company letter head or even a wedding invitation? Why not order a embossing press, they can emboss paper upto 120gsm thickness. They work by cutting deep characters into the paper without breaking or ripping it, they can even be used on other materials. Used by many […]

Grid & Table Stamps

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   4 comments

Having to write out a grid or table 100 times? Why not let a stamp do it for you. Many companies employ the services of Speedy Stamps to help reduce man hours and improve efficiency in a wide number of tasks such as invoicing, tax returns, product delivery and receipts, schematics drawing and document authentication […]

Dater Stamps

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   1 comment

The dater stamp is something every company needs, they can be used in a number of situations from filling in forms and paperwork to dating important parcels and timesheets. From as little as £5.98 you can save yourself countless man hours, they all come with 10 year changeable date bands to keep you equipped for […]

Numberer stamps

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   0 comments

Reference numbers, Customer order numbers and Telephone numbers are examples of what can be used on an interchangeable numberer stamp. These stamps can incorporate 12 numbers upto a size of 18mm. These stamps can be either conventional rubber stamps or self-inking, furthermore they can be mounted on a strong metal frame or a lightweight but […]


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