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UV Stamp Kit (Square)

UV Stamp Kit (Square) Product Image

RRP: £43.00

From: £34.40

Our new Self Inking UV Stamp kits mark your valuables or documents with an impression that is invisible to the naked eye. The impression is seen under UV light which is included in...

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Colop Self-Inking Circular Stamps

Colop Self-Inking Circular Stamps Product Image

RRP: £16.50

From: £13.20

Colop Self-inking stamps direct from the manufacturer. Long lasting stamp with self-contained changeable pad come in various shapes and sizes, producing 1000s of impressions before...

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Pk of 50 Embossing Wafer (Red)

Pk of 50 Embossing Wafer (Red) Product Image

RRP: £22.00

From: £15.40

Red embossing wafers stickers are sold in packs of 50, simple emboss the wafer then stick to your certificates or documents to make them look more professional. Remember, order before...

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Traxx Self-Inking Dater Stamps (Rectangular)

Traxx Self-Inking Dater Stamps (Rectangular) Product Image

RRP: £33.25

From: £26.60

Traxx Self-inking Dater stamps come with 10 year changeable bands and will produce 1000s of stamping impressions before Replacement ink-pads are required. Our prices include the cost...

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Crying Man

Crying Man Product Image

RRP: £10.95

From: £9.86

Crying Man Self-inking Office Title Stamp producing 1000s of stamping impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Remember, order before 12 noon - we will dispatch the same...

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Colop Pocket Stamp - Rectangular

Colop Pocket Stamp - Rectangular Product Image

RRP: £18.75

From: £15.00

The mobile way of stamping, these pocket stamps are ideal for Doctors, Solicitors, Teachers and those people who are always on the move, they will easily fit into your pockets or bags....

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